Is there a travel agency in Serbia that organizes FIT programs in Serbia?

Rubicon Travel | 03/09/2021 - 11:32
travel agency in Serbia

Travel agencies in Serbia mainly operate as external partners to large global tour operators. The well-known Serbian receptive travel agency that has experience in organizing special and individual trips (FIT) in Serbia and its southern part - Kosovo and Metohija, and countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania is Rubicon travel group , and its special part for exclusive business and travel - Rubicon Premium organizes for its clients a quality and special program of stay, transport, various tourist tours with or without a guide in Serbia and the entire region..

What does the abbreviation FIT mean in tourist travel? Originally, t "FIT" means "foreign independent tour," . Most commonly it used to describe a fully service for independent traveler or tourist.

Which agency runs FIT tourist programs in Serbia?

Rubicon travel agency in Serbia helps to foereign travelers to design their own itineraries and arrange their own travel plans—FITs in Serbia and around countries.

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